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A Supplement That's
Just Right For You

A Right Supplement Is


Given your unique lifestyle and dietary habits, your metabolism is wired different from everybody else.


Your body has the ability to regulate its health, but poor diet and lifestyle can cause this ability to wane.


Your body understands whole better than synthetic – whole supplements are easy on your body.

It's Functional



Bones and Joints

Brain Function

Immune Function


How This Works

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Panel Experts

Dr. Parla Jayagopal

MD (Ayurveda), MAOM (C)

Jayagopal Parla is an internationally known speaker, educator, and practitioner of Ayurveda, with extensive clinical, teaching and research experience. He is a Professor of Ayurveda at the American University of Complementary Medicine, faculty at the Southern California University of Health Science and Japan School of Ayurveda. He also serves as Director of Athreya Ayurvedic Integrative Health Center and Vice President of Athreya Corp.

Dr. Jill C. Carnahan

MD, IFMCP (Functional Medicine), ABHM (Holistic Medicine)

Dr. Jill received her medical degree from Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine in Chicago and her Bachelor of Science degree in Bio-Engineering at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. She is dually board-certified in Family Medicine (ABFM) and Integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM). In 2010, she founded Flatiron Functional Medicine in Boulder, Colorado where she has a widely sought after medical clinic with a broad range of service including medical and nutritional consultations, and massage therapy. Dr. Jill is a 17-year survivor of breast cancer and Crohn’s disease and passionate about teaching patients how to “live well” and thrive in the midst of complex and chronic illness.

Customer Testimonials

  • quotes

    I took this test when I first saw it on your site. I’ve been taking as instructed for 1 month so far, and I have to say I have noticed a big difference in my energy quotes level, and I’m definitely feeling much more positive. I’ve always incorporated various herbs and Ayurveda in my daily practice, but this has really improved my overall wellness. Thank you!


    Susanna Barmakian


  • quotes

    I love my personalised supplement. It is unlike any of the supplements I have taken in the past. It took some time but it has gradually supported my digestive health and sleep. I feel less fatigued. Thank you 1Balance.


    Catharine VanDorn


  • quotes

    I’m so happy already with noticeable changes. I’m feeling more focused, and peaceful. Please keep up the good work and you have a lifetime customer.


    Melinda Johnson

    South Carolina

  • quotes

    Had been having some nagging issues around my gut health. Medications have been able to keep things under control but things flared up once in a while. While looking for alternatives, quotes I stumbled across 1Balance. Its 40 days now and I am feeling much better. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for natural ways to support their digestive health. You will not be disappointed.


    Marko Robello

    New York

Our Commitment

Our promise is to use high quality ingredients along with providing you the right information/latest research. All the herbs used in our supplements are sourced from responsibly grown and harvested farms and cultivations from across the globe. The actual supplements are manufactured at a partner facility located in Los Angeles, USA that is Organic and GMP certified.

Frequently asked questions

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How do you ensure the quality of ingredients used in these supplements? +

How long will I have to take these supplements to see any effect? +

How does the monthly subscription (renewal, cancellation, reactivation, and refund) work? +

Can I customise my pill myself? +

The assessment does not cover all my conditions. How can it be the perfect fit for me? +