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I appreciate the great customer service that goes along with a great product.I tell everyone to try your supplements because the fact that they’re catered to your own special regimen it’s not like most companies out there. To me, it all starts at customer relations and with a great product. Believe me when I tell you I have introduced your product to many of my colleagues. Thank you again.

- Paul

Review by Paul

I have to say that I have definitely noticed a difference.Most days I literally dread getting up in the mornings. No energy, no interest in doing much. I should have used past tense. My moods have improved, I have more energy and although I still live with my pain, my outlook is better. I would enthusiastically recommend 1Balance.

- Linda

Review by Linda

I have noticed a big difference in my energy level.I’m definitely feeling much more positive. I’ve always incorporated various herbs and Ayurveda in my daily practice, but this has really improved my overall wellness. Thank you!

- Susanna

Review by Susanna

I'm so happy already with noticeable changes.I'm feeling more energetic, more focused, and sleeping better. Please keep up the good work and you have a lifetime customer.

- Melinda

Review by Melinda

I love my personalised supplement.Since I started taking it I've struggled with my IBS less, higher energy levels, better quality of sleep with less hours of sleep needed to make it through a day. It has improved my mental health and clarity.

- Catharine

Review by Catharine

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All the herbs we use in our supplements have a long history of dietary use, with well-known health benefits backed by traditional and modern scientific evidence.

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We use plant-based ingredients
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Our ingredients are sourced from responsible farms and forest cultivations. All our products are made in the USA of US and imported ingredients.
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Frequently asked questions

How are these supplements different from other standard vitamins and nutritional supplements?
Standard vitamin and nutritional supplements provide nutrients, as per dietary guidelines, that are either a) lacking in your diet or b) are present in your diet but are not being sufficiently and efficiently absorbed by your body.

The former (a) is an apt scenario for vitamin or nutrient supplementation - if there is no way for you to modify your diet to fill the nutrient gap, supplementation might be the best alternative available to you.

The latter (b) on the other hand is indicative of functional health imbalance - just consuming more vitamins and nutrients is unlikely to solve the problem. You will have to get your metabolism back on track.

This is where your 1Balance supplements come in.They are made with whole, multi-functional ingredients that are part of your food matrix and support your body’s natural health balancing mechanisms. They are a different kind of supplement - functional rather than nutritional.
How long will I have to take these supplements to see any effect?
To be frank, it is truly difficult to provide a definitive answer to the question. So many parameters are involved - diet, lifestyle, how the body responds to these herbs, and our ability to observe and perceive subtle changes.

Broadly speaking, here’s what you can expect:
4 weeks
Reset and Adapt
Your body - primarily your gut - will adapt to the herbs, and start resetting and realigning the way it functions. You can think of this phase as your body reversing the trend of increasing imbalances. It is a critical phase - a lot of changes happening internally, but only some changes can be felt externally. It’s also normal for the body to complain a bit, as it tries to change its habits and purge the toxins that have accumulated over time. All for the good.

8 weeks
Small Improvements
You will notice small improvements along all dimensions, and possibly a significant change in one or few dimensions. Once your gut is back in its comfort zone, the impact of the herbs on all the other functions builds up faster. Detoxification will pick up pace - so you will start feeling lighter and brighter in general. This is a great time to tweak your diet and lifestyle in earnest. You will perceive that the quality of your sleep has improved, and you are calmer too.

16 weeks
Clear Shift
With better, digestion, sleep, and mood - the basis is now set for your metabolism to work smoothly and efficiently. Your body would have also gotten used to the changes in diet and lifestyle that you have made over the past several weeks. You will feel more active and energetic through the day, and the added spring in your step and better oxygenation will take the weight of your bones and joints. You will also look back and notice that your immunity has been great over the past several weeks.

24 weeks
Ongoing Support
You would have reached a new, better normal, and your herbs will help you stay in the zone on an ongoing basis. Your daily supplements will help you stay in this zone. Even better, you can reassess and get a new combination that can take your from this level of healthy to the next level of healthier.
How do you arrive at personalized recommendations?
Based on your quiz inputs, we get some great insights into your health needs and the way your metabolism is wired.

We have a great collection of herbs to choose from. They are all different and unique in their own way. And multi-functional too. But, the key is to figure out which ones are most suitable for you!

Here's how we do it:
1. We assign points to each of these herbs - some points for your health needs, and some points for your metabolic nature. The ones that are most apt for your profile accumulate the maximum number of points.
2. From the top ranking herbs for you, we pick the ones that work really well as a combination - for your personalised herb mix and for your personalised tea blend.

We also have an expert panel to assist with the recommendations. Typically, we pull in an expert to answer any questions you might have, or if you have further inputs to provide (in addition to what was covered in the quiz). The expert also reviews the combinations recommended for you, and if necessary, changes the recommendations based on any additional information received.
Will my personalized supplement ever need to change?
Yes, your supplement should ideally change and adapt to changes in your health parameters. For example, after taking your current recommended supplement for 3 months, you could reassess yourself. Just take the quiz again.

If you feel different at that point (as compared to when you assessed yourself previously) your recommended combination will change accordingly. You can choose to receive the new combination in your next shipment.

Note that you can reassess at any time - on a monthly basis, or every few months, or when seasons change, or whenever you feel a noticeable difference in how you feel on a daily basis. Your 1Balance supplement will adapt to your changing needs.
Are these safe to take with prescription medicines?
Yes, the herbs in your supplements are safe for general use. However, if you are currently taking pharmaceutical medications, we recommend that you consult with your primary healthcare professional before consuming this product.
Can I take this supplement with other multivitamins or dietary supplements ?
Yes, you can continue taking your vitamin and mineral supplements along with your 1Balance supplements. Your 1Balance supplement might actually help your body absorb the other supplements better.

If you are consuming many supplements on a daily basis, we recommend that you consult with our expert to ensure that you are able to get the best out of your daily supplementation regimen.

One point to note (and to review) - is it absolutely necessary for you to take vitamin and mineral supplements? We recommend that you take them only if you are deficient, and if there is absolutely no way for you to fill the gap by modifying or fortifying your diet and lifestyle.
Will there be any side effects of these supplements?
1Balance supplements, made with small amounts of whole herbs, have been specifically formulated to provide gentle, safe support over the long term. The herbs have a long history of dietary use, their properties are well known and understood, backed by traditional and modern science, and their consumption is not known to cause any side effects, in general.

When we personalise the supplement, we go one step further and only choose herbs that are likely to be highly compatible and complementary to the user’s metabolic profile. This ensures that their effect on the body is subtle, and gradual, and almost without exception, positive.

However, every individual is different - and sensitivities to specific herbs (or any food for that matter) may exist. The overall medication and supplementation regimen can also play a role. We encourage our users to consult with our experts and make changes as necessary to minimise the chances of any side effects.
Are your supplement pills a capsule or a tablet?
Our supplement pills are vegetarian HPMC capsules.
What’s the size of your supplement capsules?
Standard size 0 capsule which can hold upto 500 mg of powdered herbs. It has a locked length of 21 mm (less than an inch). Size 0 is the most commonly used size for supplement capsules because of its ease of consumption.
Do your supplements come in a glass bottle?
Our supplement capsules are packaged in HDPE plastic bottles that are recyclable and free from BPA. Our tea blend bags are made with food-grade nylon mesh and packaged in food-grade aluminium tins that are recyclable.
Are the supplements gluten-free?
Yes, 1Balance supplement pills and tea blends are gluten-free. There is no added gluten in the formulations, nor do any of the ingredients in the products naturally contain gluten.
Are the supplements allergen-free?
Yes, 1Balance supplement pills and tea blends do not contain ingredients that are known as common allergens - gluten, soy, dairy, peanuts, or tree nuts.
Are the supplements vegan and/or vegetarian friendly?
Yes. The supplement pills and tea blends are suitable for vegetarians or vegans.
Are these FDA certified?
While the Food and Drug Administration regulates all dietary supplement brands for appropriate labeling and claims, they do not provide certification or approval. However, all 1Balance products are manufactured in FDA-registered facilities.
Are these GMP certified?
Yes, all 1Balance products are manufactured in GMP-certified and FDA-registered facilities, are made with premium quality ingredients, and undergo rigorous testing for compliance to standards and regulations.

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